Best anchor for pontoon boat
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Finding the Best Anchor for Pontoon Boats in 2020

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Anchor for Pontoon Boats

A good anchor for your pontoon boat can ensure it won’t be carried away with the strong wind or current. No matter you are using a pontoon boat for swimming or fishing, you will need to have the right anchor for your boat. Choosing an anchor is difficult for any pontoon boat, especially for the smaller one. In this article, I am going to discuss how to select the right anchor for your pontoon boat. 

So, Why Do You Need an Anchor?

You might have a question if you can do without an anchor or not while fishing. Whether you will need an anchor or not for fishing will be depended on a few factors. These are discussed below-

  • Lake fishing

If you frequently go fishing for the whole day, you should get an anchor. An inflatable pontoon boat anchor system can keep your boat to the right place. For the opposite direction of current and wind blowing fast, your boat might go away from the prime spot of fishing. Your boat should also need to be compatible with the anchor facilities. So, if you have enough space in your boat to keep the anchor, you should buy one.

  • Flatwater paddling

If your boat has the option of paddling, still you can bring an anchor along with you. This anchor will not only help you to stand still for a few minutes on the water for resting but also allow you to chase fish confidently. If you have enough space on your padding boat, you should take a pontoon boat anchor system. 

  • River fishing 

Along with flatboat and lake fishing, river fishing is also quite accessible to the people. Generally, people use drift for river fishing. An anchor has both merits and demerits. In the river, anchor can’t help you much because there is no current on the river. So, carrying an anchor can be big trouble for you as it might weigh down your boat. 

You will need an anchor if you are fishing on the water, which has little to moderate current, and you need support to hold your boat in the right place. But don’t dare to use an anchor on the sea as the flow is higher on the sea. 

Top Few Recommendation for the Anchors

Which Type of Anchor is Suitable for Your Pontoon Boat?

Before getting the right type of anchor, you will need to make sure you are getting the right rope to hold your anchor with your boat. For beginners, any anchor which can keep your boat on the water is the perfect one. You should also look for the quality rope on the anchor while buying. It is better if you get a string of marine quality. This kind of rope is soft and user-friendly. You can handle the line easily without cutting your hands.  

Different types of anchor

You will find out different types of anchors for your pontoon boat in the market. Different anchors come with different price, features, and models. Before buying a particular anchor, you should know about different types of anchors. Basically, the anchors for the pontoon boat are available in three types. These are-

  • Fluke anchor

For the sandy and gravel ground, fluke anchor is a perfect choice. This anchor is specially made to keep the boat secure. It also keeps the boat steady. However, the pontoon boat should not be too heavy for this type of anchor. While buying the fluke anchor, you should focus on the size of the pontoon boat. For different surfaces, different weight measurements should be done. For sandy surface, more weight of craft is needed comparing to the muddy surface. 

  • Box Anchor

Box anchor is one of the most popular types of anchors used for the pontoon boats, which run mostly on the rivers and lakes. It is the best anchor for inflatable boats also. It can be suitable for any kind of bottom, including extremely muddy to sandy. The pontoon boat needs to have enough lines and space to let this anchor work. It will not get the right angle to hold the bottom firmly unless the line of the boat is long enough. On the deep water, it is better to use line five times longer than the regular time. 

  • Grapnel Anchor

If you want to sail your pontoon boat on the rocky and harsh surface, this is the right type of anchor for you. It can hold the rock with its arm correctly. This anchor comes with four hooks to secure the stability of the pontoon boat. So, with this anchor, you will get the firm hold. Managing and carrying this anchor is quite more comfortable than the others. The compact size of this anchor can fit any small boat.

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Steps of Setting Up an Anchor to the Pontoon Boat

So, How to Anchor a Pontoon Boat?

Setting up an anchor is not that difficult. Anyone can set up an anchor knowing the right steps to set it up. Here I am discussing the necessary levels of setting up a pontoon boat. 

At first, you will need to find out the best location to install an anchor on a pontoon boat. Then you must direct to your boat and make sure it is heading to the current or wind whichever is stronger. 

Then you will need to measure the depth of the water. It is crucial to find out how many lines out you will need for the anchor so that it can get a firm grip. 

While setting up the anchor, you will need to keep your boat engine idle. It will help you to set the bow right in the place where you want to drop your anchor. 

In this step, you will need to secure the anchor to the ground and slowly release it. You should not toss the line as there is a chance of tangling it. If it finds out a little drift, the anchor can sink. After setting up the anchor, if you can’t move your pontoon boat, you should put your engine in reverse condition and start moving slowly. 

After bringing your boat to the spot from where you want to anchor your boat, you should wrap the rode around a cleat, turning the engine off. It should be done twice to get a firm grip. Then suddenly, you will feel that the anchor has dig to the surface. You have to keep the engine in reverse condition to secure the anchor properly with the ground. 

When you have completed the tour, you will need to lift the anchor vertically. Then wash off the mud or sand from it. You will need to store it properly. Unprotected anchors can hurt people.

Few Safety Measures You Should Take Using the Anchor

One needs to take all possible safety measures while using an anchor for your pontoon boat. Your boat should not be damaged for the inappropriate use of a pontoon boat. 

You should always keep your boat outside of water to avoid any damage to your pontoon boat.

You should always store your anchor cleaning the mud and debris off to it. It can damage the anchor and bring different species to your bot. 

Maintenance Tips for Pontoon Anchor

It is essential to clean and maintain the anchor properly. For the better function and performance of your pontoon anchor, you can follow the tips below-

  • Cleaning the anchor is vital after every use. It will help the anchor preventing corrosion. For the longer life of your anchor, you must keep it neat and clean always.
  • If you don’t want to lose the rope of your pontoon boat, you should buy a better-quality rope and change it regularly when it gets old. 
  • You should know how to use an anchor properly to increase the life span of it. The anchor is not a thing that you should buy regularly. So, knowing the proper use of it, you can use it for a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For anchoring, people have a lot of questions in mind. Few of the frequently asked questions I am trying to answer below-

  • What should I do if my pontoon boat is drifting even after anchoring?

Strong wind and current can be the reasons for drifting. It is quite challenging to maintain the boat in these situations. However, you can get an additional anchor in these types of cases. 

  • Which is the right place to tie anchor on a pontoon boat?

The position of your pontoon boat should be directed towards either wind or the flow of the current. From these whichever is stronger, you should point the nose of your boat towards it.  

  • What features should be presented on the river anchor for a pontoon boat?

For the river fishing, you should choose a box anchor for you. The anchor, which can grip firmly to both sand and mud, you should invest in this anchor.

Final Verdict

So, if you like fishing or spending time in a pontoon boat, an anchor can help you stay on the water steadily for a long time. 

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