Best Pontoon Bimini Top [8 Recommendations]

If you love to spend time boating and fishing, you should also be prepared for harsh weather conditions. While boating, you can’t stop in the middle of the storm to get in shades. That is why you must install a pontoon boat Bimini top that not only enhances its look but, most importantly, also protects you from sun and rain. We’ve reviewed the eight best pontoon bimini top from the market to help you out, along with a buying guide.

best pontoon bimini top

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Bimini Top for Pontoon

The name Bimini is got from the island of Bimini in the Bahamas, where these types of Bimini tops were first used by local boaters to protect them from the sun and rain.

Pontoon boat Bimini tops can make massive difference in your comfort while you’re boating. No-one likes to get caught in a downpour or scorching sunshine. Fortunately, sturdy pontoon boat Bimini tops will protect you from both direct sunlight and keep you out of the rain. They can be easily opened on the boat in just a few minutes and fold almost flat for easy storage. It is also helpful when you’re transporting your pontoon or want to enjoy the sunshine! So, if you want to spruce up your pontoon boat to give it that stylish and luxurious look while staying dry and cool, a pontoon boat Bimini top is the answer.

You can get numerous pontoon boat Bimini tops with frames or just the canopy of different sizes in multiple colors from so many manufacturers. Most of the Bimini tops come with a very easy installation process.

Get details about how to measure for pontoon boat Bimini tops, pontoon boat canopy, pontoon canvas from different best Bimini tops for pontoon boat reviews.

pontoon bimini top

8 Best Pontoon Bimini Top

Consider four things to get a good quality Bimini top boat- the frame, the hardware, the construction, and above all, the fabric. These are the basic, but there are some other facts you read above. Here we are going to read the review of a few best Bimini tops or covers to the find the best one for you –

Naviskin 3-4 Bow 13 Different Size pontoon Bimini Top Cover

Brightent-Bimini Tops 6 Different Size 3-4 Bow Boat Canopy Cover with Free Support Poles and Towel Clips
  • The cover of this item is made of 600D woven polyester material with PU coating, MARINE GRADE, which is very good water-proof.
  • And it has two aluminum rear support poles and a storage boot, free of charge!
  • With 4 towel clips,made of high density nylon. Free of charge!
  • Totally 6 different type/size.

This pontoon boat top cover offers incredible quality at a reasonable price. The top is designed with a 600D polyester frame with PU coating. It is engineered with marine grade quality material with enough height for people to stand around. It comes in ten different colors with thirteen different sizes for both three bow and four bow sizes.

Its frame is made with aluminum with a diameter of 1. It allows quick-release mounts. Its installation process is super easy. You also get stainless steel mounting screws that save your money and time to purchase these quality attachments additionally.

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Leader Accessories 3 Bow pontoon Bimini top Boat Cover

Leader Accessories 10 Colors 3 Bow Bimini Top Boat Cover 4 Straps for Front and Rear Includes Mounting Hardwares with 1 Inch Aluminum Frame
  • Fabric Option: Marine-grade 600D polyester canvas & 600D solution dyed fabric.Double overlapped stitching.
  • All stainless steel mounting hardwares,color coordinated zippered storage boot and assemble instructions included.
  • 1” diameter aluminum frame with double-walled main bow legs for maximum strength and free quick release mounts.4 adjustable nylon straps for the front and the rear.
  • 13 optional fabric colors(There are 2 colors that are two tone):Beige, Black, Burgundy, Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey/White, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Navy Blue/White, Pacific Blue, Solution Dyed Light Grey, Teal, White.
  • 6 different sizes are available:6’L x 46″H x 54″-60″W & 6’L x 46″H x 61″-66″W & 6’L x 46″H x 67″-72″W & 6’L x 46″H x 73″-78″W & 6’L x 46″H x 79″-84″W & 6’L x 46″H x 85″-90″W.

It is engineered with high-quality grade materials that ensure extreme strength, durability, and protection to you for a long time. It is available in two fabric options, including 600D polyester canvas and 600D solution-dyed fabric. Its double overlapped stitching offers maximum protection with UV resistance. You can get it in thirteen different colors in six different sizes.

It offers extreme strength for the double-walled main bow logs with its 1” diameter of the aluminum frame. The mounting hardware that comes with it is stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. It also includes the installation detail, so you won’t have to look for yourself in different places.

It includes black nylon fittings that allow easy mounting to the flat surface and a color-coordinated zipper storage boot. You also get four adjustable straps for both front and rear for better stability.

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MSC 3 Bow pontoon Bimini top Boat Cover

MSC 3 Bow Bimini Top Boat Cover with Rear Support Pole and Storage Boot, Color Gray,Pacific Blue,Burgundy,Navy,Beige,Forest Green,White,Black,Teal Available (Beige, 3 Bow 6’L x 46″ H x 54″-60″ W)
  • Made of 600D polyester canvas with double PU Coating,Marine grade
  • 1 inch anti-rust and strong Aluminum Frame
  • Contains Two rear support pole and one storage boot
  • Sizes available:6 inch L x 46 inch H x 54 inch -60 inch W & 6 inch L x 46 inch H x 61 inch -66 inch W & 6 inch L x 46 inch H x 67 inch -72 inch W & 6 inch L x 46 inch H x 73 inch -78 inch W & 6 inch L x 46 inch H x 79 inch -84 inch W & 6 inch L x 46 inch H x 85 inch -90 inch W.

If you are looking for quality pontoon boat Bimini tops for your boat with quality material that will go for long, it is one of the best. It comes in six different sizes with three bows. It is made with top quality 600D polyester canvas, including double PU coating. It is waterproof and protects from sunlight that prevents the canopy from fading away. It allows full enclosure for sun tracker pontoon boat top.

You get eight different colors to choose yours. Its 1” aluminum frame is sturdy and prevents rust. The fittings are available in nylon and stainless steel for mounting and includes one boot with storage. The installation process is super easy, requiring only one or two people to finish this within a few minutes. It contains two rear aluminum support poles for enhanced stability.

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MSC 4 Bow pontoon Bimini top Boat Cover

It is pretty much as same as the MSC 3 bow Bimini except its four bows with new mesh storage compartment design. With proper maintenance, you can use this top for many seasons. Its quality 600D polyester canvas with double PU coating prevents sun rays and water for the long term. Its anti-rust 1” diameter of an aluminum frame with additional support poles in the rear part. It also includes one storage boot and the fittings and mounting screws in stainless steel.

Its installation process is super easy as you get an assembly instruction manual with it. You can get it in four different sizes in seven different colors.

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Leader Accessories 4 Bow pontoon Bimini tops Boat Cover

Leader Accessories 10 Colors Available 4 Bow Bimini Tops Boat Cover 4 Straps for Front and Rear Includes Hardwares with 1 Inch Aluminum Frame
  • Made of marine-grade 600D polyester fabric.Double overlapped stitching.
  • All stainless steel mounting hardwares,color coordinated zippered storage boot and assemble instructions included.
  • 1” diameter aluminum frame with double-walled main bow legs for maximum strength and free quick release mounts.4 adjustable nylon straps for the front and the rear.
  • 12 optional fabric colors(There are 2 colors that are two tone):Light Grey, Pacific Blue, Burgundy,Navy Blue,Dark Grey,Green,White,Teal,Black,Sand.Navy Blue/White.Grey/White.
  • 7 different sizes are available:8’L x 54″H x 54″-60″W & 8’L x 54″H x 61″-66″W & 8’L x 54″H x 67″-72″W & 8’L x 54″H x 73″-78″W & 8’L x 54″H x 79″-84″W & 8’L x 54″H x 85″-90″W & 8’L x 54″H x 91″-96″W.

Leader 4 bow pontoon Bimini top is the alternative of leader three bow top with almost the same features with 4 bow Bimini top in seven different sizes. It comes with marine grade 600D polyester fabric with double overlapped stitching for extreme durability. Its main bowlegs are double-walled with 1” aluminum frame with nylon straps for front and back support including free quick release mounts.

Like the Leader 3 Bow Bimini top, it is also easy to install and comes in seven different sizes in twelve optional colors.

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Brighten- pontoon Bimini tops 6

Brightent-Bimini Tops 6 Different Size 3-4 Bow Boat Canopy Cover with Free Support Poles and Towel Clips
  • The cover of this item is made of 600D woven polyester material with PU coating, MARINE GRADE, which is very good water-proof.
  • And it has two aluminum rear support poles and a storage boot, free of charge!
  • With 4 towel clips,made of high density nylon. Free of charge!
  • Totally 6 different type/size.

This Brighten Bimini top for pontoon boat comes in navy blue color in six different sizes. It is designed with quality 600D woven polyester with a double PU coating, which makes it extremely resistant to sun and water. It is a complete package that includes every fitting you require to install pontoon Bimini tops with the frame completely.

The frame is engineered with anti-rust aluminum, including two support poles, a storage boot, four towel clips made with quality material. You also get an instruction manual that makes the installation process super easy.

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XGEAR 3-4 Bow pontoon Bimini top Boat Cover

XGEAR 3-4 Bow Bimini Top Boat Cover with 4 Straps, Mounting Hardwares and Storage Boot, Full Size in Color Grey, Pacific, Navy, Black, Beige, Green, White
  • Made of marine-grade 600D polyester canvas. The superior choice for applications to offer shade.
  • Double overlapped stitching. Includes all stainless steel mounting hardwares, color coordinated zippered storage boot and assemble instructions. Easy to install in just a few minutes!
  • 1” diameter aluminum frame and free quick release mounts. 4 adjustable nylon straps for the front and back.
  • 10 colors available: Light Grey, Pacific Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Beige, Burgundy, Dark Grey, White, Teal, Green
  • 13 sizes available: 3 BOW – [6’L x 46″H x 54″-60″W] & [6’L x 46″H x 61″-66″W] & [6’L x 46″H x 67″-72″W] & [6’L x 46″H x 73″-78″W] & [6’L x 46″H x 79″-84″W] & [6’L x 46″H x 85″-90″W] . 4 BOW – [8’L x 54″H x 54″-60″W] & [8’L x 54″H x 61″-66″W] & [8’L x 54″H x 67″-72″W] & [8’L x 54″H x 73″-78″W] & [8’L x 54″H x 79″-84″W] & [8’L x 54″H x 85″-90″W] & [8’L x 54″H x 91″-96″W]

This XGEAR pontoon boat Bimini top is top-notch, ensuring excellent quality materials maximizing strength and stability for a long time with double overlapped stitching. You can get it in 13 different sizes in 10 colors with both 3 bow and 4 bow Bimini tops. Its marine-grade 600D polyester canvas provides stable shade with its double-walled main bowlegs of 1″ aluminum frame.

It also includes the other mounting hardware you will require and color-coordinated zippered storage boot along with the instruction manual. You also get four adjustable nylon straps for both the front and back parts with free quick release mounts.

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4 Season's pontoon Bimini top Boat Cover

4 Seasons Bimini Top Boat Cover 4 Bow 8 ft. Long in Different Sizes & Colours
  • 1″ Doubled Wall Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • 2 Heavy Duty Nylon Straps with Upgraded Clip and 2 Rear Support Poles
  • Professional Grade Nylon Fittings
  • 600 Denier Fabric, Waterproof, Includes FREE Matching Boot
  • All Stainless Steel Mounting Screws, Stainless Steel Eye Hooks for the Straps

Your boating experience gets more fun and enjoyable with this 4 seasons pontoon Bimini top boat cover that gives you protection in all weather conditions. It is designed with 600-denier fabric with 1″ anodized aluminum frame of the double-walled feature.

It also includes 2 nylon straps with upgraded clip for heavy-duty usage and two back support poles that delivers additional support and stability. Its fittings are pro-quality grade nylon fittings, including mounting screws and strap hooks made of quality stainless steel.

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Buying Guide

  • Materials 

Inexpensive Bimini tops are constructed from cotton canvas, which is prone to leaking and fading. Over time, this material breaks down faster from the strength of the sun. Polyester acrylic blends are a better choice for durability and resistance to color fading. This material costs a premium but will outlast the cotton canvas alternative.

Color choices for these sunshades are extensive. Besides neutral shades of beige, black, white, gray, and ivory, boat owners can find brilliant hues of red, orange, purple, green, yellow, and more. The color choice typically complements the color of the boat or trim. 

  • Getting the Right Size

When ordering Bimini tops for boats, be sure to have exact measurements on hand. The width must be precisely measured for it to fit. When choosing the height, decide whether it should be tall enough for people to stand under or just tall enough to sit under. The second configuration is seen in speed and ski boats, where the captain is unlikely to stand while the boat is moving. If the vessel has a deck, taller Bimini tops are sensible choice, while fishers may prefer a medium height.

Determine how much and for what area the cover is needed. Measure the width along this portion. Once in place, many models come with deck hinges to allow mounting at various angles. Regardless of the size, these units are easy to install using simple mounting hardware, a power drill, and a screwdriver. Even though the installation process is simple, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the boat. 

  • Types

Bimini tops are easy to find for any vessel. Manufacturers make specific models for pontoons and ski boat towers, as well as simple ‘T’ type console or floor mount covers. A console model typically fits on and mounts to smaller consoles but will install in any boat. The floor mount version fits larger consoles on larger vessels. 

Although the type and size of Bimini tops are based on the vessel and owner preference, there are some considerations when choosing. One of these is determining the height of the cover. Although many people dream of having Bimini tops tall enough to walk under, this is not always a practical decision. 

For starters, in a 15 to the 24-foot pleasure boat, the passengers are rarely standing. Some exceptions to this would be pontoon boats or fishing boats. A second reason to have a lower top is coverage. The higher the installation, the more difficult it is to cover the desired area. The wind is also a factor, as the wind resistance will be greater in a higher Bimini. 

  • Speed

Piloting the vessel with the top up requires conscious consideration of speed. When the speeds get high, having the Bimini tops up can change the way the boat handles. Make sure the anchors are mounted to a solid area, and never drive on the highway without folding the Bimini down first. Taking care to purchase quality and install carefully will ensure the owner gets the most extended life from their boat Bimini top. 

  • Bimini top frames

Bimini tops are measured according to length from 5 to 8 feet. Popular sizes are 88-96″ and 97-102″. There are also universal fit Bimini’s which fit a wide range of boat sizes. You should easily be able to find Bimini tops for your pontoon boat by just measuring it at the halfway point of your boat (the widest point). It is where you’ll put the mounting brackets, and from the bow to the stern down the middle of the boat to get the length. The larger the Bimini, the higher the number of supports it will need. The supports are called “bows,” hence Bimini’s are sold as 2-bow, 3-bow, or 4-bow, depending on the size. If you have an unusual size pontoon, you can get custom made Bimini tops.

The frames are generally made of anodized aluminum and are usually one-inch-thick square, to match the frame of most pontoons. Some frames are stainless steel, which is more expensive but will last a lifetime. Pontoon Bimini Tops are usually very easy to assemble and attach to your pontoon. Imagine building a tent and then attaching it to your boat using screws… it’s not rocket science! Be sure to buy and also consider whether you’ll want a Bimini top with a partition to be used as a changing room. Check the warranty of the Bimini top before you buy it. The least you should expect is one year, but it’s best to get one with a three- or five-year warranty.

  •  Bimini Fabrics

 The most popular fabrics used for Bimini tops are Cotton Duck, which is a canvas-like material (like tote bags), is the cheapest option. But won’t last if the others because they aren’t UV resistant, may leak and can be subject to dry rot.

 Vinyl biminis are the most popular choice because they don’t leak, are easy to clean, and allow the water just to run off. Vinyl biminis come in a variety of colors and are low maintenance due to being UV and mildew resistant.

“Solution-dyed” polyester biminis are very strong, stretch resistant, come in a variety of colors, are more water repellent and scratch resistant than acrylics, good value, and resist fading caused by UV light well.

Acrylic, the most well-known brand of which is Sunbrella, looks, and feels excellent, is exceptionally durable, and comes in a variety of colors but can sag and leak over time.

Best bimini top for pontoon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to add A Bimini Top to Your Pontoon Boat

Have you ever wondered why pontoon boats have gained so much popularity compared to other types of boats? One of the most important reasons behind the growing popularity is the sturdiness of these boats. The first thing that a boat owner wants is a boat that is reliable and dependable, primarily if used for fishing. Pontoon boats fit this bill with flying colors. A second important reason is that pontoon are extremely fueled efficiently compared to most of the other boats of equivalent size. Most of the new boats are equipped with a Bimini Top. These tops cover the boat and protect you from the hot sun and annoying rain. Bimini tops increase the pleasure and comfort of the boating experience. They are easily installed, and easily removed for storage. In addition to its essential function, a Bimini top can also spruce up the look of your pontoon boat.

A bimini top is in open shade, which is generally installed over the cockpit in a boat. The frames are made from square or round metal tubing, which is designed to be folded down when it is not needed. Different from a ‘dodger,’ which provides the captain with a full enclosure, the bimini is only a cover for warding off the sun’s powerful rays.

Credited by different sources as an invention of Rhode Island or the Bahamian island of Bimini, this cover is a practical solution for providing shade in hot and humid climates. The open sides allow air to flow through, keeping the captain cool, while a partial or full enclosure such as the ‘dodger’ would hold heat and be impractical.

Video Credit – SavvyBoater

  • What are the basic things you should know for pontoon Bimini top replacement?

If you want to change your pontoon boat Bimini top without replacing the frame, there are certain things you need to be careful about before ordering it:

  • BIN number
  • Width of Boat
  • Length of fabric

Before your purchase, check the necessary details about quality within your budget. You will get a lot of canvas shops offering quality materials, great fabric at a reasonable price.

  • How can you secure a pontoon Bimini top?

It is always a great concern for the people how they don’t get to lower down their Bimini quite well. They remain concerned about if the wind picks it up while trailering or towing.

But all I can suggest you is not to get panicked about it lying flat against the boat. You can lower it down into the radar position. Don’t forget to tighten up the fasteners properly. In this way, it won’t billow in the wind.

  • What are the easy and simple maintenance tricks to keep your Bimini clean?

Keeping your pontoon boat Bimini top clean and out of stains will hold the beautiful look for long. But you shouldn’t forget no matter whatever the quality and materials are, with time sun and water will damage your top gradually.

There are lots of great cleaners you will get in the market for it. In case of mildew, bring down the top and spread it on an open place and then spray down marine spray to get the stains off. You can learn more about easy clean up tips from here.

But you should not forget that your pontoon Bimini top won’t serve you for a lifetime.

  • Should I set my Bimini up or down in a storm?

How long you will be able to use your pontoon Bimini tops right, depends a lot on the way of your usage. As the pontoon Bimini tops are designed with mostly metal frames and poles with metal mounting screws, most of the people fear about lightening striking on these.

But checking the data and research, you will find that there have been rarely accidents because of this reason.

  • How to straighten bent Bimini frames?

Most people think a bent Bimini frame can’t be straightened out. They fear of breaking them. If you remain careful, you can easily do it. Don’t be afraid if you bend yours while folding, all you must do is to block and twist a little at the same time. But don’t try to straighten it out thoroughly with one block and bending. Does it step by step a little till you completely straighten it out?

  • Should I buy the whole package or just the Bimini canvas?

If you are replacing your previous one, it is better to buy a new set of frames and canvas together.

Final Verdict

Bimini tops are not mere accessories for your boat. It adds value to your boat in terms of look, protection, etc.

You can get different pontoon Bimini tops for your boat according to your specification; you can also customize yours. But do not compromise with quality as it is an essential part of your boat protecting you as well as your boat in bad weather conditions.

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  1. no.6 bimini is great but the instructions weren’t very good and I had to take it apart a couple times to get it put together right. Very sturdy when up, has been through a pretty bad storm and high speed use with no problems. The boot cover is fading after just a couple months in the sun. I figure if I replace it every couple years it’s still cheaper than the more expensive ones.

    1. We just went through a storm and the quality is really good. I will buy one more for my dad. will recommend it to others.

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